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The objective here is to provide enlightening materials from a Judeo-Christian / Roman Catholic commitment to all humanity as
brothers and sisters in the family of one All-Loving Triune God. Displayed here are works by Ray Wilson -- a book, a play, and a poem.

The ROSARY: Prayer for Thinking Christians, available in both eBook and print editions. This very different perspective on the Rosary has the Nihil Obstat of the Diocese of Springfield, Massachusetts. It has been endorsed by Bud Macfarlane and Dr. Jack Cahalane along with Fr. Gerald Mendoza who has authored an insightful Foreword. It was actually complete and ready for print when Pope John Paul II interrupted the process with his addition of the Luminous Mysteries. The addition of new text was thus required, but in startling synch with what was already written, confirming that one writer at a keyboard in Massachusetts and another in the Chair of Peter in Rome were guided by the same Holy Spirit.
This is an entertaining three-act miracle play centered on a cynical New Yorker's personal discovery of the miracle of Our Lady of Guadalupe. It is specifically written as an introduction of the Patron Saint of the Americas to the non-latin peoples of North America. It is fully readable on this site at no charge. It is copyrighted, and may not be copied or performed without permission. Royalties are charged for performances only. The version here is a stage play. A screenplay version is also available.

A Christian Reflection During the
Christmas and Chanuka Season
Ray Wilson